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Mold Remediation

Leave your home in the hands of professionals when it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones. Our team follows strict remediation and safety guidelines and use non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulas to safely and effectively treat even the most extensive mold infestations.


Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire damage is devastating on any home, and you might be worried about the damage from the flames. In most cases more damage was caused from smoke and water used to put out the fire. We have the equipment and experience to restore your home to its former glory.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Pet hair, kids, and everyday life can leave your carpets looking worn. We use the Ninja PSI 200 carpet cleaners to restore your carpets and give your home that spring clean it deserves.


Asbestos Abatement

Apart from the danger of cancer and lung disease, asbestos removal is very costly. At Makena, we come in under the cost of our big market competitors. Our process is extensive and we follow strict WCB regulations, leaving your home with a final air quality test to ensure your safety. 

White Kitchen

Water Damage

A small flood from a leaking pipe or faucet, or flooding from a storm, can create a significant amount of damage in just a matter of hours. Exposure for just 12 hours can create the ideal habitat for mold growth. Don't wait, call the experts. 

Carpet in Living Room
Cleaning Products

Specialty Cleaning

Moving house? Makena can do specialty cleaning and odor control. Send us an email to find out if we are right for your job.

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